Anarchy for Beginners ... A Primer for the Inevitable

The other Robert...Shop and Compare!

J. Robert Zimmerman
Not a physicist, but pretty damn cool anyway

rache vs the Atheist

"I'm an atheist, looking for a fight."

"I'll be your huckleberry."

"Are you a Christian? I only fight Christians."

"I'm pretty Catholic. Does that count?"

"Perfect! Put up your dukes, bitch!"

"Kay. You start."

"Science can explain everything!"


"Take that!"

"Except God."


"Hurts, don't it?"


"Your turn."

"Uh...That's my whole argument."

"It is?"

"I'm a scientist! My logic is impenetrable!"

"You can say that again."

Miss Anarchist 2009

They call her Miss Egypt 2006...but a real anarchist like me doesn't give a flying you know what! Where the hell's her burkkah????

Tag Kara: The Video!!

This isn't any sort of great video really, but I haven't promoted porn in awhile and I just like this girl's eyes. They're like the window to the soul and after spending a week cranking out stories about girls with the souls of true sluts...what the's one right here. I call her "Kara"

My lesser efforts...

I'm kinda sick, pretty sick, but getting better and so just in case it's all in my head (the getting better part, I mean) and I'm really on my death bed, I'm thinking about god and wondering why I never tried to use the "pencil tool" in photoshop before. It's kinda fun!

Everything I need to know, I learned in Sunday School
I drew this picture of God pregnant with the earth.

Your Cow's a Marxist!

Anarchy is alive and well and thanks to capitalism most people don't even realize it! Even the Anarchists can sometimes get a little confused. With Che Gueverra t-shirts selling like hotcakes in third world countries where people think he's just "Jesus with a funny hat?" and PETA recruiting Lydia Gueverra (Castro's grand-daughter, but don't tell Che!) to shove carrots up our collective asses...butts that is, PETA would never harm a real ass...All we can do is wonder, "What would Karl eat?"
Here's Ms. Revolution herself...Ten minutes of fame is a little too much sometimes.

The Rock Star! Che Gueverra...Coming to a t-shirt near you!

And, lest we forget who's really holding down the communist fort...The Anarchist Man of the Year! (the Kim on the left)

My Favorite Martians

The "Apache" shot: Yield: 1.85 Megatons Location: Eniwetok Date: 8.Jul.1956

The "Yeso" shot: Yield: 3 Megatons Location: Christmas Island Date: 10.Jun.1962

Cool Pictures

Some Exceptionally sexy men!

Before there was ever a Bob Dylan, J.Robert Oppenheimer was the heart and soul of American Physics...That's why he got crucified. He's on the left, in case you don't know...The guy on the right is pretty famous too, although I never liked him personally. Earnest O. Lawrence, in case you're wondering.


We got stuck with Teller while the Russians got Andrei Sakharov (on the left) shown here with "The Beard" ...How much better off we would have been if the Russians had Edward and we could have sat Andrei down with Oppie in 1946. Wow! He was seriously cute!


A seriously amazing photograph with Stanislaw Ulam on the left (Hottie alert!) my favorite really huge brain, Johnny von Neumann on the right, and that other guy in the know the one...Richard Feynman! Ouch! I keep this picture next to my bed!
Of the many candid photographs you may have seen of smart men in informal setting, this picture defines "smart" !!

SOL is down...down...down

That sucks! I have Tag Erin: Chapter 3 "What a Slut Does" ready to go up, as well as "Runaway Dream" chapter 2 and I really, really have to email someone, but I have no idea what the address is for the SOL/Gmail login...Silly me.

Let's post this:

I got my hair cut yesterday. It was really long before, like halfway down my back. I went to Dondee’s Parlor and a bayut cut my hair, that’s a gay guy acting like a girl. All the beauticians are bayuts, anyway, I told her “Don’t cut the front, cause I like it in my face.” But she kept trying to cut my bangs.

I was the ninay at a wedding today, that’s why I got my haircut. I was one of the sponsors, a witness, and there’s four women and four men. So I did that and it was a brownout…no power…and amazingly hot in the church. I was sweating like crazy. I got a little ceramic jewelry box as a gift for being a ninay.

I was sitting at a little store, a tindahan, drinking C2 and this guy greeted me. His name was Gojuso and he’s killed like 10 people. It’s weird being touched by someone who’s killed people. If I wanted someone dead, I’d ask him to do it. He’s really tough.

I watched the first episode of “Kotorsay” today. That means “14” and it’s about a girl who’s 14 years old and has a baby. The ads show two guys chasing her, you know, romantically, and she disappears behind a clothesline looking beautiful and giving them come-hither eyes. When they pull back a hanging sheet, she’s holding a little baby to her breast.

I spent Friday morning in a meeting with Richard Gordon. He’s a Senator and the chairmen of the Red Cross in the Philippines. I had an excuse to wear my nice clothes and all my jewelry. It’s really weird walking around wearing more money than most of the people I see will make in their entire lives.

I hate myself sometimes.

I was buying a new flash drive and an old man was begging me for money. The drive was 1078 pesos and all I had in my purse were thousand peso notes. I smiled apologetically and paid for my drive, when I got my change, 922 pesos, I gave him two pesos and he was happy. I should have given him the twenty.

I called my dad and he was at a golf resort, playing golf.

I am really tired so, I’m not going to say anything else. I just want to sleep mostly.

I thought of a clever pun in church this morning: Children are the fruit of our labor.