Anarchy for Beginners ... A Primer for the Inevitable

People are asking...

I got some emails, some questions from friends, family, and fans. They wonder what I'm doing, what it all means. Especially in light of recent posts by Jais Nereis on SOL. I posted two collections there of older, short fiction and I'll be posting more soon.

People think I'm gone. Like I was supposed to disappear completely and that was never the plan. I've tried to explain that the escape I want is from "rache"... From some aspects of that online persona which I don't like, or I don't necessarily support. Some of those obligations and responsibilities, whether real or imagined. I'm not going away. "rache" is the one who is going to have a much lower profile. The stories are all valid, they still exist and I'll be reposting them over a period of time. Very little really changes in the sense of my creativity and output.

What does change is how I present myself and my stories. I want to be low key with it. I want to avoid a lot of notoriety and fame and this whole circus that enveloped me when I posted as rache. I created a lot of that, I understand. I also let other people influence me too greatly perhaps. I said and did things that aren't really me and so I just want to change that part of who I am online.

Stories will be posted under pen names specific to the story. I have no desire to possess a huge collection like rache did. She had over a hundred stories and that was fun and interesting for awhile, but it becomes a burden as well. I want to not do that anymore. I want to avoid the inevitable distraction of worrying about scores and favorite lists and download numbers. I want to be a little more closeted and closed. Not reclusive or remote, but just less of a gimmick, you know?