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SOL is down...down...down

That sucks! I have Tag Erin: Chapter 3 "What a Slut Does" ready to go up, as well as "Runaway Dream" chapter 2 and I really, really have to email someone, but I have no idea what the address is for the SOL/Gmail login...Silly me.

Let's post this:

I got my hair cut yesterday. It was really long before, like halfway down my back. I went to Dondee’s Parlor and a bayut cut my hair, that’s a gay guy acting like a girl. All the beauticians are bayuts, anyway, I told her “Don’t cut the front, cause I like it in my face.” But she kept trying to cut my bangs.

I was the ninay at a wedding today, that’s why I got my haircut. I was one of the sponsors, a witness, and there’s four women and four men. So I did that and it was a brownout…no power…and amazingly hot in the church. I was sweating like crazy. I got a little ceramic jewelry box as a gift for being a ninay.

I was sitting at a little store, a tindahan, drinking C2 and this guy greeted me. His name was Gojuso and he’s killed like 10 people. It’s weird being touched by someone who’s killed people. If I wanted someone dead, I’d ask him to do it. He’s really tough.

I watched the first episode of “Kotorsay” today. That means “14” and it’s about a girl who’s 14 years old and has a baby. The ads show two guys chasing her, you know, romantically, and she disappears behind a clothesline looking beautiful and giving them come-hither eyes. When they pull back a hanging sheet, she’s holding a little baby to her breast.

I spent Friday morning in a meeting with Richard Gordon. He’s a Senator and the chairmen of the Red Cross in the Philippines. I had an excuse to wear my nice clothes and all my jewelry. It’s really weird walking around wearing more money than most of the people I see will make in their entire lives.

I hate myself sometimes.

I was buying a new flash drive and an old man was begging me for money. The drive was 1078 pesos and all I had in my purse were thousand peso notes. I smiled apologetically and paid for my drive, when I got my change, 922 pesos, I gave him two pesos and he was happy. I should have given him the twenty.

I called my dad and he was at a golf resort, playing golf.

I am really tired so, I’m not going to say anything else. I just want to sleep mostly.

I thought of a clever pun in church this morning: Children are the fruit of our labor.