Anarchy for Beginners ... A Primer for the Inevitable

Your Cow's a Marxist!

Anarchy is alive and well and thanks to capitalism most people don't even realize it! Even the Anarchists can sometimes get a little confused. With Che Gueverra t-shirts selling like hotcakes in third world countries where people think he's just "Jesus with a funny hat?" and PETA recruiting Lydia Gueverra (Castro's grand-daughter, but don't tell Che!) to shove carrots up our collective asses...butts that is, PETA would never harm a real ass...All we can do is wonder, "What would Karl eat?"
Here's Ms. Revolution herself...Ten minutes of fame is a little too much sometimes.

The Rock Star! Che Gueverra...Coming to a t-shirt near you!

And, lest we forget who's really holding down the communist fort...The Anarchist Man of the Year! (the Kim on the left)