Anarchy for Beginners ... A Primer for the Inevitable

Now Arriving on Track 69: Paris Hilton

"Yeah! I swear! She's up there right now," the girl said.

Ellis was the auburn haired model who was throwing the party, celebrating her first Vogue cover. She was from Idaho or someplace and totally hot, but kind of crazy the way all the new girls are.

"She's been up there all night," Jaan nodded, and he was a serious hottie himself, being a professional surfer from South Africa. I was kinda digging on him, actually.

"What's that?" Ana Barros asked, plopping her brow Brazilian ass down on the loveseat next to me. Her arms went around my waist and then her head and body as well, circling me like a caramel serpent until she was lying down with her tummy against my back.

"Paris Hilton is passed out upstairs," I said, reaching for the girl's thigh and pulling Ana's left knee into my lap so I could play with her.

"Oh yeah!" she giggled. "I slipped her a couple sleeping pills after lunch."

"You did?" Ellis laughed. "I put a couple in her margarita."

"How many?" I wondered.

"I gave her like four," Fernanda said, coming in from the pool now that Ana was with us. "She wanted some coke, so I just opened a bunch of capsules."

"What?" Jaan laughed at her.

"I'm not going to waste coke on her!" Fernanda made a face.

"Three…I think," Ellis answered my question and then shrugged. "I didn't invite her anyway."

"You think she's still alive?" I asked no one in particular.

"What?" Ana looked up at me and we all looked at each other.

"She better not pull a Marilyn at my house!" Ellis frowned.

"Nah," Jaan shook his head. "Somebody woulda noticed probably."

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Just somebody woulda noticed if she wasn't breathing, right?" He grinned at me. "Everybody's been fucking her all day."

"Oh!" I gasped and then laughed at the guy, but he was totally serious too. Paris was getting a seriously long train pulled on her ass because this wasn't a small party. There had to be fifty guys there, easy, maybe a hundred with everybody coming and going like they did.

We were sitting in the pool house, just to get away from all the craziness. By the pool and inside the house, it was all crazy. The music was going, there was a full bar and two bartenders working, someone had brought a limo full of strippers and they were dancing and doing who knows what behind the bushes. There'd been at least one good fight that I'd seen, a couple celebrity DJ's going at it, if you can believe that. A lot of kicking and hair pulling until they got pulled apart and tossed in the pool.

Ana was begging for a fuck, kissing my leg, licking my thigh while her hand massaged my cock through the bikini I was wearing. Fernanda had sat down with Jaan on big bean bag chair and she had her hand under his t-shirt, playing with his nipples just to tease me. If I had Ana, she was going to get my favorite toy.

Ellis looked older, but she was just 15 and she didn't know what she wanted. I knew she wasn't a virgin, but she'd already confessed that she'd never been with another girl. She was curious, but I wasn't going to fuck with her. At least not until I got a lot more drunk than I was. When she moved over to sit on the floor next to me and Ana it was time to move.

"I'm gonna go check on Paris," I decided. My cock was hard as a rock and watching Fernanda sucking Jaan's tongue wasn't making me real happy. I'd brought him, but 'Nana was gonna make him cum and we both knew it. The bitch gave me a little wave without taking her mouth of his.

"What? Don't go!" Ellis whined softly, reaching for my hand as I stood up.

"Stay here," Ana said in her Portuguese accent. "We lock the door, nobody fucking see what we're doing to her."

She was talking about Ellis, of course, and Ana was hot for her. They didn't need me and I just smiled and slipped away.

"Shit!" I laughed when I saw Paris sprawled naked on the bed. She was snoring, so that was good. At least she wasn't dead.

There were a couple dozen unopened condoms on the nightstand and about eight used ones plastered to the woman's stomach and tits. Another dirty rubber was hanging out of her mouth, open end down, of course. Her freshly shaved cunt was raw and pink, with fat, greasy labia splayed lewdly to prove that she'd been fucked numerous times. Not everyone had bothered with protection either. A goopy trail of semen was leaking out of her pussy and a large puddle of fuck juice stained the sheets beneath her ass.

Someone had cum on her face too, a couple someone's maybe, as I climbed on top of her. Hilton's eyes were pasted shut with half-dried sperm and her hair was stiff with it. I fucked my cock inside her easily, hardly feeling a thing and that girl was seriously stretched out! It was going to be awhile before I'd be able to get off. All I was doing was churning up the cum inside her, squishing it out with sploshy fart sounds and that was no good. I hated fucking with a condom on my dick anyway.

She rolled over easy enough and I put the woman on her side, adjusting her legs and smiling to myself as I saw her asshole still looked tight. Apparently nobody had bothered with that hole yet nd I peeled off the condom and leaned into the bitch, grunting with the effort of splitting Hilton's tight little asshole with my cock. She was nice and snug too. Not terribly tight and it was obvious Paris wasn't a stranger to anal sex, but I thought I was the first one in on this particular day, so that was cool.

I fucked into the girl hard, as hard and fast as I could while I held her shoulder and pulled the slut against me. She felt it. Paris was moaning sleepily, not waking up or anything, but probably just dreaming about getting ass fucked by her daddy or something. Sick cunt. I did love fucking her in the butt though. She was hot in there and nice and dry, the friction was awesome as her rectum would clench itself around my cock and suck on it like a baby's mouth. I swear, her ass felt better than a lot of pussy I'd fucked. But maybe that was just because it was hers.

I rode her for a good five minutes before I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I slammed my girlish cock as deep as I could get it, feeling my balls jerk upward with that familiar sensation of spewing a hot load of fresh cum into someone special. I was grinding that bitch, rolling my ass and hips, gyrating lewdly while I played with my tits. I was going to make it last as long as I could. I wanted to fill her bowels with my seed and I was pinching and pulling my thick nipples in an effort to keep those spasms coming.

But of course it was all over much too soon and I finally pulled my softening cock free of Hilton's asshole with a soft, wet plop. I wiped my penis off on her face and then used her hair to finish the job. I made sure her legs stayed the way I wanted, the right leg straight beneath her and the left pulled up high and bent at the knee. The next guy who came along would see the dirty sperm oozing from her asshole and he'd know what to do.

I hoped he had a monster cock.